How it started

The idea behind these bars was born with our desire to create a product beneficial for people and nature, in the spirit of a healthy, holly, and happy life. As healthy food lovers, we developed the formulas in our own kitchen, creating simple and natural products, tested by consumers.
The result was these delicious snacks.

We adopted a philosophy in which we believe:

  • We incorporate a lot of love in our production and we believe that this intent can reach people, because we want to offer the best to our consumers;
  • We support our partners;
  • We respect Nature;
  • We give back to the Community the help we daily reap from it, creating a positive chain of added value and continuity.

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Laranja Lima & Côco

Cacau Red Berries

Apple and Cinnamon Coffee

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  • Gluten free, lactose free, no added sugar or sweeteners, no GMOs;
  • Animal products free (vegan);
  • No Ionizing Radiation used in processing our products;
  • All ingredients are 100% Organic from EU / non EU Produto Biológico
  • Certified by SATIVA PT-BIO-03;
  • 30g bar, individually packed. Available on 25 bar packs;
  • 6 months expiry date;

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  • Natural
    Manufactured exclusively with organic fruits.

  • Tasty
    Irresistible and tasteful, because they are made with selected pure ingredients.

  • Convenient
    Individually packaged, easy to transport in your pocket or bag. Perfect size for a light meal.

  • Nutritious
    No added sugar or salt. Naturally rich in fatty acids, fibers and minerals. The low fat content is mostly unsaturated.

  • Healthy
    Gluten-free, no synthetic additives, no added sugars, no animal products.

  • Ecological
    No agro-chemicals and no transgenic products, respecting nature.

It is a natural and healthy snack, to take to work, eat at your desk, at school, while travelling, providing the nutrients needed in your daily life. Also suited for eating after doing sports and outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling or surfing.

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For a few decades now, cereal bars have reached the market of snacks and light meals. These bars fulfilled the need for an easy to transport food for tea breaks.

For gluten-intolerant people however, these bars were not an option. Therefore Bio Barra created a product suitable for gluten-intolerant people, having conceived from the start a gluten-free product.

As the number of gluten-intolerant people rises, so do the complaints about the alternative products price and lack of choice. We therefore bring a more diversified offer to the gluten-free market, as these bars make for delicious snack in a varied diet, to eat both at home and outside.

The excess of gluten in the human diet and its possible negative effect to health is presently a topic of debate.

Learn more about the symptoms of gluten-intolerance in https://www.coeliac.org.uk/home/

Social outreach

From the beginning, 15 years ago, the association A Voz do Amor advocates that the biggest problem facing humanity is the lack of love. Hunger, thirst, disease, poverty, pollution, unhappiness, all would be solved if there was more love among countries, among people and with nature. Therefore, besides giving material help and teaching families, the association A Voz do Amor brings a message of love to the people it visits, with the perspective of improving their social condition.

Bio Barra totally supports the association A Voz do Amor in its activities and therefore donates with much love its nutritious bars to those in need, seeking to improve their diet and well-being.

To learn more about the association A Voz do Amor, visit their website at www.avozdoamor.com


We, three sisters, with our mother

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NIF: 510673422
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